Reviews – Is Legit or Scam? Reviews – Is Legit or Scam?

If you are looking for an auction site that offers some really great municipal surplus deals is the place for you. Although the site does not only focus on municipal surplus anymore, it did start out that way. is an authentic site that was started by former police officers however most users are reporting better deals at so you may want to check them out.


These police officers saw a need for a site where municipal agencies could go to list their surplus online and while there are still some agencies that do list their items on the website but there are a lot more wholesalers that use the site as a way to bring excellent opportunities to the public.

There are over 2000 municipal entities that utilize the services of Review - The Inventory

There is a diverse inventory available on that are primarily listed by wholesale businesses and liquidators. The items are all new from the liquidators and the wholesalers. They are auctioned off in the original packaging.
There are hundreds of items listed on the website everything from jewelry to sneakers to home décor. Reviews - The Bidding

In some cases the bidding has a reserve but in most cases there are no reserves. Auctions without reserves are always nice because it opens the window to more savings. If you do not have to meet a reserve than you can potentially get items at much less than their retail value.
Unlike some other sites this site seems to offer a fair chance to everyone. Some sites you visit you will notice that it is the same people over and over again that win. It is suspect when you see the same people winning over and over. After reviewing this site it became obvious that was not the case.

Comments and Reviews about

After a quick search of the web to see what other consumers thought about this site it was clear that this is a great site to spend some time bidding. This auction site had NO bad reviews or complaints. It seems that every customer that used this site was satisfied with the site.

Most auction sites will have a few bad reviews floating around the web but this site had none. This is an excellent site that comes highly recommended by some people and not so much by others. It is everything you could hope an auction site would be. There is plenty of inventory to choose from. It is easy to navigate and there is plenty of information on the site to help you address your questions.

The contact information is clear and comprehensive which is great if you have ever do experience a problem. This is a great site that offers superior opportunities for both the novice and the experienced bidder.

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Overall, the review shows this to be a legit site and not a scam, however most people prefer using a service like for finding good deals online.


























































 Review – Anyone Have Complaints? is an auction website. There are many auction websites that offer he illusion of being affiliated with police and other municipal groups but this is the real deal. This auction site offers both municipal auction options and auctions from liquidators.

This site has an interesting back story which adds to its reputation. It was started by former police officers as a way to help police and other municipal groups have a place to come together and auction off their surplus.

The site started out small and bloomed thanks to a great customer service approach and to offering items that people are interested in. The company added liquidators to their list of offerings because there was a real need and users were eager to participate in more auctions.

 Free Registration

It is free to register and only requires a small bit of information and a valid email account you do not have to provide financial information like banking or credit card information. Registering for free means that you are under no obligation to participate in any of the auctions but that you can just browse around and get a feel for things.

Propertyroom Online Auction Website - The Site

The website is well laid out and really easy to navigate. It is a great opportunity for both the novice and the experienced users to browse and watch the action unfold. There is a comprehensive frequently asked question site that addresses most all of the issues that you may come across.

There is easy to use contact information that is available on the site so if you have questions you can ask them directly.

The Inventory

There is an eclectic bunch of inventory that is available for bidding. The inventory ranges from high end jewelry to used desks. There is something for everyone on this site. Much of the inventory is new and is provided through liquidation houses.


The inventory that is sold off during the municipal auctions is usually used and the condition is listed. There is enough inventory to make the auctions interesting and frequent. Unlike some other sites that offer the same stuff over and over again this site offers unique items and plenty of them.


This site is a good bet. They are well established and have a strong following. The deals are great. Most auctions do not have a reserve and most of the items that are up for grabs are new. Reputation is everything in this industry and this site has a great reputation for providing great honest deals. As always read the terms of service so you understand the sites rules before you get started!



Propertyroom Review is an excellent auction site. There are several reasons that propels this site to the best of auction sites. Words like honesty, integrity, great inventory are all associated with this site. This site delivers exactly what it says it does.

Started by a couple of cops that were trying to meet a need that had to be filled. They understood that the internet was the way to reach the most people pretty early on and they also knew that there were plenty of surplus out there with municipal agencies that needed to be auctioned off. was born and took off like the speed of light. Before too long the site had grown exponentially so liquidators were added to the municipal agency's to offer their goods for auction.

The Inventory

At this time most of the inventory is new and is offered by liquidators while there are still plenty of municipal auctions held regularly it is a great place to bid on brand new items that are guaranteed. One of the best things about is that it is an upstanding site that offers guarantees on all the items that are auctioned off.

The inventory is a full scope of items from the common to the unusual there are usually hundreds of items that are being offered for auction at any given time.

The Website

This is a comprehensive site. There is plenty of information about the items that are being auctioned off and there is plenty of information about navigating and bidding successfully. There is a toll free number for customer care and a nicely written “about” page.


It is an oddity to not find one bad or negative review so either they have a very diligent team that monitors their internet reputation and swoops in the minute anything negative is posted or they really are a very legitimate business. I would concur with the later.


This is a great auction site! It is easy to use and very up front. There is nothing negative to say about this site and really nothing that needs to do to improve the site. It is a great way to score some nice items for a fraction of the cost.

Most items are new and there are quite a few surplus auctions still going on as well. This is a great site for both the novice and for the experienced auction attendee. It is the right balance between challenge and ease.

High recommended as a legitimate opportunity to win great goods at low prices! is the real thing.