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The reviews show that this is another penny auction site. It is, as a matter of fact, one of the most popular penny auction sites on the web. has had an aggressive advertising campaign that has been splashed across all different types of media outlets. While most legit penny auction sites do offer some deals, you may be better off using a service like to find deals online. Reviews - Advertising 



Using the media to get the word out was an excellent move on the part of More people recognize the name than any other penny auction site. Of course because it is easily recognizable it is the one that is most often sought out by novices. 


The Beezid reviews show that this site is also very popular, not only because of the advertising, it is also very popular because it provides perks that other like sites do not provide. 
 Reviews - Free Bids 


Free bids are offered to anyone new that registers online. Many penny auction sites do not have this feature. I like the free bids because it gives you an opportunity to really see what penny auctions are like. 


You can use your free bids at any of the auctions but it is strongly suggested that you hang around awhile and see how things work. You can use your free bids to win bid packs. Bid packs are bundles of bids. 



Easy to Use is an easy to use site that is super user friendly. Everything is laid out well on the site, finding answers to you questions is also easy at There are tutorials that you can use to better understand how to use the site.


Inventory at


The inventory at is like the inventory you find at most penny auction sites. There are a lot of gift cards and bid packs with a generous smattering of high end electronics. I always feel like these sites should put a little more effort into stocking high dollar items. 




I really like this site but there is always room for improvement. I think they really need to boost their inventory up a bit. The low budget offerings are not that appealing. I think it is a good site to cut your teeth on, but I think that anyone that has a little penny auction experience will easily get bored with this site. 


On the up side of things if you are a novice this is a good place to start. The bids are right at industry average at sixty cents per bid, there is tons of information on the site that will help a novice to get started. 


Subscription Price: $0 

Number of Items: Hundreds 

Geographical Location: Nationwide 


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Overall, the reviews show that this is a legitimate site and not a scam.